Backbench Studios

We started of thinking about this one year back. We incubated in start up village five months ago. We deal with in-house production of animated films and tele-series. Visit Page

iTraveller is the world's first ‘Social ERP on Cloud’ for tourism industry. It looks at automating and organizing the tourism industry in India, which comprises approximately over 2 lakh travel companies and other businesses, who are disorganized, scattered and regionally focused. Currently, their lack of scalability is due to huge dependence on manpower. The long-term objective is to automate and organize the vacation planning businesses, including hotel inventory, transportation providers, travel agents and destination managers, mapping the demand & supply, to create a social ERP platform. Visit Page

MindHelix Technosol Pvt Ltd

We are working on a customer interaction platform that can be used to collect feedbacks for products / services by enterprises. This application is being used by Delhi Police for their Know Your Police Station initiative. The features are : Rich Interface, Ultimate user experience based on Silverlight / HTML 5 to create maximum “wow” effect!. The cloud backbone enables seamless scaling, whether you have one outlet or a hundred." Visit Page

Cloudex Healthcare Private Limited

Cloudex Radiology Solutions provides radiology reporting services to hospitals and medical imaging centers online using cloud based technology. Current client list include Government district hospitals, Tertiary cancer center , a medical college and few private medical imaging centers.


"Finahub provides a SaaS customer management platform for retail broking firms in India. Our product, called Kinship Platform, acts as the one place to go for managing all the customer interfacing activities of the retail broker.The platform enables the firms to improve customer engagement, achieve higher operational efficiency by automating processes such as report sending, customer ticket tracking and get better understanding of their customers using all the customer interaction data available on the platform. Visit Page


"We strive to maintain the best standards in online food ordering industry by integrating the latest technologies, best customer support and seamless communication to make your dining experience the best it can be. We aim to create an international brand that can facilitate hospitality services to all with the click of a button and integrate the best in technology in an industry that is stricken with technology. Visit Page

ASIMOV Robotics Pvt Ltd

We conceptualize, design, manufacture and undertake contract projects to apply Robotics and Machine vision across a broad range of technology market sectors like manufacturing, medicine, agriculture, defense & space, security, entertainment etc. Visit Page

Mashinga Tech Pvt Ltd.

“Mashinga is a hardware product startup formed by 3 computer science graduates that builds multi touch hardware and surface computing solutions for variety of segments like hospitality, realty, retail etc. Would be doing a pilot implementation of 20+ interactive retail store in Bangalore. Visit Page


#nwplyng is a social music sharing application with gamification and real world incentives. It enables users to explicitly check-in to their favorite song & share it on facebook, twitter and foursquare. With each check-in, user has the option to add a YouTube video, location, picture and comment. Additionally, there is a layer of gamification that sits right on top of music sharing to incentivize the users. They unlock badges, become manager of their favorite artists and level up in career for playing around with the app. We are angel funded by MobME, & advised by Ted Cohen. Visit Page

tagNpin is the simplest tool to launch referral program. It helps brand reward customers not only for purchases but also for successfull referrals and social sharing. tagNpin is built for marketers with no coding required at all. It also supports plugins for popular CRMs. Visit Page